The room is the only one of the three overlooking Strada Nuova that maintains its original dimensions.

A faint female figure with wide red wings and a white eagle at her feet shows through the middle of the ceiling: this fresco is among those 'washed out' by will of Luigi Centurione and hidden behind mortar coatings which badly compromised its preservation. The woman holds in one hand a celestial sphere with a hydra in the middle of it and a compass in the other hand, symbols which, according to Ripa's codification, would be Astrology attributes; many elements referred to the navigation and its instruments can be found in this room. 

The figure is framed by magnificent white festoon on a yellow ochre coloured background: the work here was not completed, thus giving an exceptional possibility to have a glimpse of the preliminary sketch squaring and black chalk marks.

Bernardo Strozzi, Astrology room, detail of the central panel.